Model HM 1756

Standard Features Specifications
Metal Stamping Data Acquisition 12 bit resolution
Pharmaceutical Direct connection to Allen-Bradley Clutch Brake System Strain gage input 350 or 700 ohm
Assembly Machines Position data feedback from Helm resolver modules Built-in gage excitation
Riveting Signature Analysis Single slot, two channel input
Die Cast   Internal diagnostics
Process variables transferred to the data table

out of tolerance condition | sample and target values |
time based machine cycles | tolerance and control limit settings | part and
batch counts
Type of Input Strain Gage (350 ohm, 700 ohm)  
Input Impedance 1K  
Display Resolution Up to 0.1% of full scale  
Overall Module Accuracy 1% of full scale  
Module Update Time HM-604 140 micro seconds
  HM-1520 200 micro seconds
Backplane current HM-604 220MA@5VDC, 173MA@24VDC
  HM-1520 150MA@5VDC, 65MA@24VDC
Operating Temperature 0°-60°C (32°-140°F)