Helm weigh modules provide 2 independent channels of weigh scale measurement.
Each weigh module can accept two 350 ohm strain gages or up to four 700 ohm
strain gages. The sensors are wired directly into the module, simplifying the
installation. With a self-contained power source, no external amplification is
required. Software is provided for gain and balance control. Calibration
settings are programmable. Helm weigh modules are compatible with the 1734,
1746, 1756 and 1769 series of programmable controllers.


Weigh Module Features

  • Automatic transfer of load cell weigh module information to PLC data table
  • Built-in Tare function
  • Internal gage excitation and signal conditioning
  • No external amplification required
  • Programmable calibration setting

Weigh Module Specifications

  • 16 to 24 bit A to D, Internal Conversion Rate 100 Microseconds
  • Input Range .1mV/V to 4 mV/V
  • Overall Module Accuracy is 0.01% of full scale
  • Self Contained Power Source
Platform Model
1746 HM-604-WM
1756 HM-1756-WM
1769 HM-1525
1734 HM-1734-WM
1738 HM-1738-WM